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Family Portal

Mom's Guide

These HTML website templates are easy to download and can be used by anyone bt just adding the content to the pre-existing site designs.

Welcome To our family website

This is Free Family portal template for your website, web page or blog which you can add under family template category. This HTML template is designed by professional web design experts to make your task much easier. It is easy to customize the layout of the html page any way you like. Just replace the existing text with your original content.

Healthy family life

A family constitutes group of people affiliated by affinity, or co-residence. This Family Portal template is intended to be a cental web destination for all family members. And it is very easy to use for all members of the family. Freedesignertemplates.com is a free collection of pre-designed with html layouts for your websites. Just have a look at the collection of templates in the site and choose the best one that suits your website.

Family Resources

With the help of this Family Portal template, you can always keep in touch with your family, share important news items and family memories. Choose your desired template and download it. With every downloaded templates you get the respective HTML file, images and PSD file. There are many other categories like Art, Business, Finance, Nature, Music, Religious, Fashion, Holiday, Travel, Health, medicine. This free family portal template is built using XHTML and CSS.